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Privacy & Policy


The privacy Policy describes how we use, collect, and share your information when you visit our website or purchase from us. When using our website, you indicate that you are  agree to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy. You are also agree to the shipping, refund and exchange policy.

While visiting the website, we collect some information of how you interact with the website. We collect the IP address, web browser, time zone and the page and product you visit.

We collect order information to generally fulfil any orders placed through the site ( including processing your payment information, arranging for shipping, and providing you with invoices and/or order confirmation). Additionally, we use order information to send advertising related to our product, screen our orders for potential risk of fraud and provide customer support.


Minors are not allow to purchase any product on our website. If you order from us, you accept that you are fully responsible for the payment.



 Our policies may change from time to time for legal or regulatory reasons

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